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It was 1998, I was in a band & we needed a website, the rest is history...

I first started my design work back in 1998 when I was in a band that needed a website, we were broke & needed a website (Remember, there were no facebooks or myspaces back then, only & a website, both of which were esential to a band to survive). A vote was taken & because of my artistic background I was chosen to take on the task, well the rest is history. I started working on my own band's site, slowly building up my skill set from simply modifying templates to editing & creating graphics inside of photoshop, learning html & even writting my own javascript from scratch. Slowly my work became better & began catching the eye of piers in bands. Eventually what started as a necessary hobby became a source of income & then a career. I have now been a UI/UX designer & front-end developer professionally since 2004.

I am a decade plus marketing professional. My skills range from responsive UI web design, UX friendly front end interactive development, ecommerce, video filming/editing, advertising, social networking & creative marketing strategies to artist/client relations. I have a strong passion for seeing my ideas come to life in the real world whether in digital form or on in an artist’s hands. I consider myself to be a dedicated professional who is committed, talented and always eager to learn & better myself. I strive for quality above quantity and believe in every single piece of work that passes through my hands. This means making sure my work not only looks and functions properly today, but tomorrow as well.

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